Members of this organization include senior academic administrators and staff responsible for postdoctoral issues at universities and research organizations across Canada. Others interested in these issues (representatives of funding organizations, and of postdoctoral organizations) can be Associate Members. See CAPA bylaws (December 2017).

For information how to become a Member/Associate member, please contact contact us.

Aims of the organization are to share best practices and to promote the environment for successful postdoctoral scholarship and training. We have listservs to share information among members, and aim to hold meetings at least once a year.

Mission: To promote and enhance the contributions of Postdoctoral Scholars, (so as) to advance the knowledge-based society.

The vision is that CAPA will:

  • Represent the large majority of institutions (or universities?) hosting Postdoctoral Scholars in Canada;
  • Be a leading voice in Canada for Postdoctoral issues;
  • Be recognized as an authoritative source on Postdoctoral issues in Canada;
  • Improve the context for success for Postdoctoral Scholars in Canada

Steering committee: a small group of members holds teleconferences 3-4 times per year to facilitate exchange, between meetings. See the list of current members of the steering committee.

Language: the organization conducts activities in both English and French.